About Pie In The Sky Publishing

Pie in the Sky Publishing is dedicated to publishing high quality, family entertaining, childrens’ books.  In this day when the competition for time and attention of children and families has never been greater and; in this day where eReaders are found in nearly every home, the philosophy of Pie in the Sky is that our books must be written better, funnier, cleverer and more entertaining than any others on the market,

There will NEVER be a substitute for reading to a child.  The benefits are numerous, not the least of which is the bond developed by the one on one time between the reader and listener.  A close second is the fostering of the love of reading. When read to, children experience the rhythm and melody of language even before they can understand the meaning.

We believe it’s important not to talk down to children.  We believe that children are much smarter than the books they read.  We believe that reading is the key to success in life, regardless of the career choice, trade or craft.

Pie in the Sky Publishing is about publishing only the coconut cream of the crop and encouraging parents and children to read and enjoy books together.