Nancy Libbey Mills

With nine children’s books in print and having written the lyrics to a children’s music CD, award-winning author Nancy Libbey Mills has established an impressive reputation in kid lit. Her books are some of the smartest books written in the children’s book genre . Children feel like they’re being spoken to like adults and adults are reminded of being a kid.

Shan Wells

The talent and expertise that Shan Wells brings to Hug a Bug, Never Eat Cabbage on Thursday and And Dance with the Orange Cow is inspired. His illustrations illuminate the written word and his choice of color and whimsy are superb. Shan’s ability to make the simplest words into a work of art is what sets these books apart from the rest.

Sam Thiewes

Sam brings his classically trained style to The Knight the Moon and the Stars Got Stuck reflecting his ability to bring look and feel of fine art to his illustration. His subtle blending of color and design reflects his distinctive and identifiable pursuit of perfection.

Sam Thiewes studied art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Besides working as a freelance illustrator he’s spent time teaching at The College of Dupage, at C.S.U. and has presented countless painting workshops.

Jim Salestrom

Jim is an Emmy Award Winning Songwriter, a gifted guitarist and a seasoned performer who has been writing and recording music since he was 13. His music crosses generational boundaries and is enjoyed by fans of all ages. During a career spanning the last 35 years, Jim has recorded and performed with such stellar artists as John Denver, Kenny Rogers, and Dolly Parton.

Holly Lynette Hagan

Holly Lynette Hagan was born in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Her parents named her after Holly, Colorado, a town they once visited. Holly graduated magna cum laude from the University of Oregon with a degree in Fine Art. She has called Durango, Colorado home since 1997. Currently, she resides at Miramonte, a “place with a view of the mountains,” with her husband Barry Spear and family. Holly is inspired by the natural landscape, and when not painting, can be found exploring the mountains and canyon country surrounding her home.

Anke Dammann

Anke Dammann Studied Graphics and Design in Dortmund, Germany. After graduation she worked in advertising but decided shortly afterward to make her childhood dream come and become a freelance Illustrator. Since that time, Dammann has been working for publishing houses in Germany and Italy.

Chester Crumbleberry is her first picture book and her first publication in the United States.