• $12.00

    a Dog Book


    Author: Nancy Libbey Mills

    Dog has lost his bark so he and Bird have gone to find it. Their search takes them under (DUCK!) (quack) the house, the car, the bridge and a variety of other places.

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  • $7.95$12.95

    And Dance with the Orange Cow


    Author: Nancy Libbey Mills

    Illustrator: Shan Wells

    Children are encouraged to have fun, experience all of life and follow their hearts. “So turn down the light, and light up the moon, wish on a star and croon with the loons, step out of the box and on to the floor and dance with the cow that’s orange.”


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  • $20.00

    How to Write Children’s Books


    Author: Nancy Libbey Mills

    If you want to write a children's picture book but don't know where to start; start here. This guide, the first in series, was written specifically for you.

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  • $0.99

    I Rode a Bike, and Rhoda Rode Island!


    Author: Nancy Libbey Mills

    Performed and Music Written By: Jim Salestrom

    I Rode a Bike and Rhoda Rode Island, is fun for both kids and adults. It’s full of plays on words and silly phrases. Sing along and watch our video map, as we leap from place to place around the globe. And, maybe, in the process, you’ll learn the locations of lots of fun places.

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  • $3.99$49.95

    The Star Bright Factory


    Author: Nancy Libbey Mills

    Illustrator: Holly Lynette Hagan

    Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are… And if you’ve ever wondered, take a peek behind that dark blue curtain, and, discover the secret of those tiny lights that dot the night sky.

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