How to Write Children’s Books


Author: Nancy Libbey Mills

If you want to write a children's picture book but don't know where to start; start here. This guide, the first in series, was written specifically for you.

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If you love gronks who wear tiaras and talking dogs, (I love talking dogs!) it’s likely that you’re reading this because you want to write a children’s book. I’ve designed this book to get you started with your children’s book. It’s the first in a series of books crafted to help authors find their places in the market, find their voices and find the most effective way to communicate their messages. Children’s picture books are typically 32 pages long. This book is 32 pages. Volumes have been written about how to write picture books. If you read all of them it will be years before you put pen to paper. This book will get you started now. No book can give you the gift of imagination. If you aspire to write picture books, however, you probably arrived in this world with that gift. This guide will help you move, start to finish, with your story, in an efficient and concise manner. The creative part is up to you. Don’t let the simplicity of a children’s book fool you into thinking it’s an easy process. Don’t let the few number of pages in this book fool you into thinking that it isn’t comprehensive. Writing children’s books is a considerable challenge. There are so few words and even fewer pages with which to work, every word must be the best word; less is more.

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