And Dance with the Orange Cow

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Katy Sinclair
Daily Camera, Camera Staff Writer
For me, the best part about children’s books is savoring their word play. Few negotiate that intricate dance better than Aurora writer Nancy Libbey Mills. I’ve raved about her gems “Hug a Bug” and “Never Eat Cabbage on Thursday” in the past; fortunately her latest, “And Dance with the Orange Cow,” doesn’t disappoint. Her punny poetry brings a smile to my face no matter how many times I read it – “Tickle a pickle with a feather that’s green / Don’t’ feed beans to the cat ‘cause that would be mean” – and the artwork by longtime illustrator Shan Wells is just as well done.

Kathy Lee
Elementary School Teacher 18 years, Lon Lee Retired TV Executive, Grandparents to 8
With lines like, "Don't water your daughter but run through the rain," Nancy Mills draws the reader into a land of whimsy and creativity. Take this book, put one small child on your lap, read, smile and make some memories.

Sarah Proctor
Elementary School Teacher 14 years
And Dance with the Orange Cow is the best of the best from Nancy Libbey Mills and Shan Wells. My students can't seem to get enough of Mills' books and music. Her words inspire infectious laughter and are a treat for our classroom. Our whole school looks forward to each new book. Throw caution to the wind and come dance with us and with the Orange Cow.

Hug a Bug

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Charlie Langdon
Arts and Entertainment Editor, Durango Herald
Nancy Libbey Mills obviously knows that young readers have vivid and sometimes limitless imaginations. Indeed, those younger than 10 generally adore puns, off the wall word games and sparkling loopy images and she obliges them. Mills and the publisher are fortunate in their choice of artist Shan Wells to illustrate Hug a Bug. Executed in acrylic, ink and digital media, Wells' lively paintings are delightful and always amusing.
Mike Jackson
a dad and television producer, Spokane, WA rhymes and clever word play, appeals to both the parent and child

Judith Viorst
...individual creative vision. Good luck Nancy Mills

Katy Sinclair
Daily Camera
First up, Hug a Bug by Nancy Libbey Mills; Preschoolers will adore this little book about the joys of imagination. The illustrations by Shan Wells are fanciful enough to hold the attention of even the youngest reader.

The Knight the Moon and the Stars Got Stuck

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Greg Moody
CBS Television Denver
My greatest joy in children's literature comes when I find a book that employs both great imagination and loopy word games, the kind of punning and word spin that I loved as a child. It doesn't happen often. It does with Nancy Libbey Mills' The Knight the Moon and the Stars Got Stuck. Fun and fast, yet with a heart that goes beyond the standard kiddie lit, The Knight the Moon and the Stars Got Stuck is an image and word romp that parents will enjoy as much as children. There is delightful humor sprinkled throughout, a message of hope that will warm your heart. It's a book for all ages, seasons and families

Ed Stein
Rocky Mountain News
Nancy Mills has created an original and endearing fable, full of sharply drawn, brightly imagined characters. Her whimsical fantasy of knight and day is a fun and pun filled Christmas adventure for all ages. Engagingly illustrated by Sam Thiewes, The Knight the Moon and the Stars Got Stuck is sure to take its place among the best-loved Christmas tales.

John Sauer
a Dad, Littleton, Colorado
It's a Wonderful Life meets chivalry and Home Improvement. A parent's must read for their kids. Please open before December 24th.

Never Eat Cabbage on Thursday

The Durango Herald Review

Nancy Palmateer Zabel
Nancy Mills has done it again. She continues to delight us with words that tickle your heart and laugh at the times you dared to eat cabbage on Thursday. Teachers, parents and kids will smile with every delightful page as they read it again.

Cody Adams
4 years old
I like peas, but I don't think I can eat that far.
Jen Winsor
Kindergarten Teacher
Never Eat Cabbage on Thursday has a fun way with words that makes a classroom full of five and six year olds laugh uncontrollably. The pictures are adorable and the story makes us think of other foods that we don't like to eat on Thursday!

The Star Bright Factory

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Welcome to Garden Street

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